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Product Description

Pippali is a perennial flowering plant that grows wild in tropical warmer climate regions of India and in the central Himalayan region. Fruits of the plant resemble tiny cones that are very aromatic and of a very strong flavour, similar to black pepper, with which it is often confused. Pippali or Long pepper ( piper longum) has been long known for centuries for its curative properties and has been mentioned in our ancient Sanskrit scriptures .

It can be used in its fresh form in which it is highly effective for various ailments or it can be dried to make ground pepper . Amongst its various benefits is its efficacy in controlling blood sugar and improving metabolism and digestion . It controls appetite and unhealthy cravings and help keeps weight in check . It has strong anti viral , anti fungal and anti bacterial qualities.

It also provides relief from respiratory issues like cough congestion and cold .

Rubbing pippali powder on the gums helps reduce toothache and gum inflammation.

It can also be added as a condiment or flavouring to soups or everyday dishes cooked in our kitchens.

Typically two varieties of pippali are available in the market , Choti pippali and Badi Pippali . Both are widely used in Ayurveda , though doctors seem to favour Choti Pippali .

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