Our Story

Ours too begins with our forefathers. And the priceless legacy they left behind . Not one of gold and diamonds , but a legacy worth much more- a treasure trove of age old health and wellness remedies inspired by the healing powers of nature. Truly no one knew how to use the goodness and abundance of nature ( that for which India has been famous for centuries) as efficiently and effectively as our grandmothers and grandfathers.

Although this Indian heritage of nani ke nuske or dadi ke nuske ( maternal grandmoms remedies / paternal grandmoms remedies ) is well known, it has unfortunately not weathered the test of time well. Even though our minds and hearts resound with select snippets and faint memories of lovingly meted out advice and tips, most of those voices have faded or been lost over time.

Ironically, now more than ever is the time that we need to recapture the magic of those natural remedies. Our ever hectic and busy life schedules along with unprecedented pandemics like the one we are living through, have made us all realize how critical and essential having a strong immune system and good health is during challenging times.

At the core of our company philosophy is the belief that the age-old natural remedies are the only way forward, playing an intrinsic role in overall physical and mental being and wellness. To this end, our products are carefully curated for their preventive, curative and nutritional properties, empowering you to enhance your health and well being.



Our products and packaging are a reflection of the ideology of simplicity that we hold close to our heart and is at the core of our company operations. We can proudly claim that Sada Jeevan offerings are made with simply the purest of love and concern and 100 percent natural ingredients that have not been exposed to any chemicals or artificial processes. They come laden with the same purity and goodness that you would expect if your own grandmother or grandfather sourced and prepared it for you.

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