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A simple life and that’s what it was…. back in the days of our grandmothers and grandfathers. A life that was natural, clean and pure. A time when every family kitchen stocked the secret to common everyday health ailments. So many of us remember the ‘Nani ke Nuske’ or in other words the quick remedies that our grandmothers would lovingly administer to us for relief.

For a stomach ache, there was a special combination of ajwain and aloe vera, for a sore throat one could chew on mulathi. For the elders complaining of joint pains the answer lay in turmeric or haldi and if one suffered from blood sugar you gulped down some cinnamon to maintain your sugar levels. And if you wanted a delicious snack, there was nothing healthier than roasted foxnuts or makhanas, laden with protein, calcium and taste (and so low on calories) to satisfy your cravings.

Sada Jeevan aims to recreate the magic of those times by bringing to you myriad everyday spices and herbs and delightful snacking options amongst many others that are renowned for their healing properties and have worked miracles for generations.

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